I guess I underestimated the importance of the number 20 to us the night we met. But now I know better. And now I also think it might be important even in the months to come.

Happy birthday my darling! I wish your new age to be as fun, positive and beautiful as your heart. And I can’t wait to help the universe with that.

I sent you those two little gifts in order to make your home sunnier, brighter and more positive. Just like the effect you have had on my life since the day you came into my life. The night we met, we actually put ourselves into a bit of a difficult situation. Because we had to race against time even just to get to know each other. We fell in love and beat time together. That’s how I would summarize the past 3 months. We turned every opportunity we could find into a journey, a meeting, and we made a lot of memories and a huge love from a small summer. A love, that I carry on my finger for now, but that I want to have by my side for the rest of my life.

I can’t wait to celebrate your next birthdays together, and I look forward to those even better days. Enjoy this day that is all yours, have lots of fun, and be happy being who you are now! I love you so much tahin pekmezim, ayçiçeğim, kedvesem, my companion, my best friend, my wonderful fiancée and my wife to be.

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